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Rental Policy

It is understood that each unit is privately owned including the furnishings with Vacation Rentals North, LLC, acting solely as Agent for the Owners. The Tenant agrees to compensate the Owners for any loss or damage caused by them during the term of the Lease by themselves, their guests and/or invitees.

1. Pets. Pets are not permitted under any circumstances in any of our rental units without prior approval.

2. Smoking. Smoking is not permitting under any circumstances in any of our rental units.

3. Phones. Long distance phone calls are not allowed; calls made in violation of this agreement will be charged against the security deposit. Tenants are encouraged to bring their own cell phones or use a calling card. Local and toll-free calls are free of charge.

4. Lost Articles. Owners or Owners Agents are not responsible for articles lost, stolen, or left behind in units. Reasonable cost may be charged against the security deposit for return of articles left behind. We will do our best to return all forgotten items to you.

5. Permission to Enter Premises. Vacation Rentals North, LLC reserves the right to enter the premises for repairs and/or maintenance or to prevent injury to property or person. Agent acknowledges that Owner does its best to keep appliances and fixtures in working order and that it does not offer discounted rates for situations beyond its control.

6. Cancellations. In the event that a rental cancellation is necessary, notice must be in writing to: [email protected] or mailing to Vacation Rentals North, LLC PO Box 2462 Petoskey MI 49770. If a confirmed rental is cancelled sixty-one (61) days prior to the arrival date, we will refund one hundred (100) percent of the total rental received, less the booking fee of $15 and a $100 cancellation fee. If cancelled between thirty-one (31) days and sixty (60) days prior to arrival date, we will refund fifty percent (50) of total rental received, less the booking fee and the cancellation fee. If a confirmed rental is cancelled thirty (30) day or less prior to the arrival date, and if the property is re -rented for the original rental amount, we will refund one hundred (100) percent of the total rental fees received, less the booking and cancellation fee. If re-rented for less than the original rate, renter will receive the balance of the rental amount, less the booking and cancellation fee. If the property is not re-rented, or if there is payment outstanding, no refund will be paid.

7. Damages. Tenant will be held responsible for any damages to the unit during their period of occupancy. A $400 deposit made by check to Vacation Rentals North, LLC, will be deposited in a Chase Trust account and can be held for damages for up to 30 days following departure. Tenant grants permission to Vacation Rentals North, LLC, to charge against deposit for extraordinary cleaning, loss, or damages incurred to owner's property. Damages in excess of deposit shall be paid in full by Tenant.

8. Payment Procedures. One-half of base rental fee, plus tax is due at time of registration. The remaining amount due; cleaning fee, balance of rental amount, damage deposit, state and local tax, and all other charges, are payable four weeks prior to scheduled arrival. Checks, money orders and Visa/MasterCard will be accepted; damage deposit is payable by check only. All returned checks will be subject to a $30 service fee.

9. Use of Appliances. The Tenant acknowledges that if it uses the appliances, fireplace, and propane grills, etc. that they are responsible for damages caused by their usage to either the item or persons. The Tenant further acknowledges that they are experienced in their usage of the equipment and will be responsible for any damages or injuries that may result from their usage.

10. Violation of Law. Tenant agrees not to violate any laws during the term of this lease. If Tenant does violate any law, this lease can be terminated immediately in the discretion of the Owner or Owners Agent with no refund of any unused payments.

11. Lost Property. Tenant shall be responsible for any lost, broken or stolen property of Owner that occurs during the term of this lease, including acts by guest or invitee of the tenant.

12. Indemnification. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner, its agents, employers, members, or assigns, against all claims, suits, causes of action, judgments, losses, costs (including actual attorney fees and damages including, but not limited to,
damages for care and loss of services because of bodily injury, sickness or disease, and/or death, or property damage resulting there from), sustained by any person, persons or property, whether real or personal, as a result of any act of the Tenant, their agents, employees, and assigns whether by negligence or otherwise.

13. Release of Liability. Except as specifically provided by law, tenant hereby releases the owner and its agents from liability for any negligent acts or omissions, except those acts or omissions which would constitute "gross negligence".

14. Assumption of Risk. The Tenant assumes the risk for any injury or damage caused by the use of the premises during the term of the lease. This includes, if applicable, but is not limited to, use of steps/stairs to home and/or water, dock, water, boat activities, bonfire circles, fireplaces, woodstoves, or rental unit.

15. Inspection of Premise. Pursuant to 24-hour notice, Tenant will allow inspection of premise exterior during the term of the lease to facilitate showing the home pursuant to a listing agreement.

16. Assignment. Tenant cannot assign this agreement without consent of Vacation Rentals North, LLC.

17. Costs. If Vacation Rentals North, LLC. has to pursue any legal remedies due to the breach of this agreement by the Tenant, then the Tenant shall be responsible for all costs, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs.





Crooked Lake, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and Little Traverse Bay areas of Michigan

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